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Are you a working automotive journalist in the Midwest region of the U.S.? Are you employed by an automaker? Do you work in the automotive industry? If so, then you should consider becoming a member of MAMA. Our membership requirements for new Media and Affiliate members are, per our bylaws in in Article 3, as follows: 

Section 2: All new applicants must be sponsored by a current Working Media or Affiliate Member in good standing. Any person desirous to join MAMA shall complete a membership application. The Membership Committee shall determine the qualifications of the applicant and determine acceptance into membership. An applicant must submit at least three (3) work samples, and his/her outlet(s) must have a minimum measurable and verifiable reach. Work samples must be dated within the last year and be bylined. More work samples may be required at the discretion of the Membership Committee. The Board retains the right to request proof of performance at anytime during membership. Appeals from the Committee’s decision may be made to the MAMA Board, whose decision shall be final.

Section 2A: All interested parties must apply to become a member no less than forty-five (45) days prior to the annual Spring Rally and Fall Rally in order to participate at these events. No membership application will be accepted within forty-five (45) days prior to these events. Action to certify membership shall be taken on all applications according to these Bylaws within one month of receipt. Applicants shall be notified of status immediately after action is taken.

Section 4: Qualification for each class of membership, as well as voting and other rights and privileges, shall be as follows:

Working Media

  • Qualifications – Those who include, but are not limited to the following and who describe and explain autos in print, broadcast or digital media: Editors, Automotive Journalists, Writers, Photographers, Videographers, Illustrators, Freelance Writers, Reporters, Producers, TV and Radio Communicators, Graphic Designers. (Amended 2019)
  • These members may vote, hold office and participate in all association functions. These members will pay fees for association activities. (Amended, 2001)

Affiliate Membership

  • Those who are engaged in Automotive Public Relations, Photography, Art, or an Advertising position which has substantial editorial involvement with Automotive Journalists, and Educators involved in automotive-related subjects, are eligible for Affiliate membership.
  • These members may vote and participate in all association activities. They may hold office with the exception of President; Senior Vice President; and Vice President, Membership. (Amended, 2001)


  • Full membership ($80) is open to journalists who cover the auto industry.
  • Affiliate membership ($130) is open to media relations professionals working in the automotive field.


  • Invitations to monthly luncheons with guest speakers from the auto industry.
  • Invitations to fall and spring road rallies.
  • The chance to mingle with newsmakers in the auto industry.


You must be actively working in the automotive media field, and you will need to share three clips of recent automotive-related work as well as a letter of recommendation from your sponsor (who is a MAMA member) to complete your application. You will receive an automated reply requesting this information after your initial application is submitted, and if you do not send it in within 30 days, your membership will be denied.

For more information contact Cherise Threewitt, vice president of membership, at

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